This initiative aims to establish a dynamic communication channel between the CISS members who participate in public policy design with academics and researchers on the social protection field. On the one hand, the “Working Papers” that the CISS publishes are scientific and technical research, reviews, case studies, book chapters and other documents, which in turn will consolidate a consultation and referral website on current international and national trends on social protection topics, which include pensions, health, employment, family allowances and other benefits such as education. The “Success Stories: Inspiring Better Practices” are intended to contribute to the generation of knowledge through the experience of our members and other global actors. Documentation of good practices is an important source of insight for decision makers, allowing them to learn about initiatives that have proven success. All documents are published in Spanish, English and Portuguese in order to reach the broadest possible audience, and enhance an active participation. We invite CISS members, as well as any interested parties to get involved in the discussion with the authors of the papers through comments, as well as taking part in other initiatives to foster dialogue.