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Functions of the General Secretariat

The Secretariat General of CISS is the Administration Body of the Inter-American Conference on Social Security. It is organized as follows: Secretary General: Juan Lozano

  1. Supervising compliance with CISS regulations and activities based on the bylaw.
  2. Budget and Financial Control.
  3. Applying the CISS’ editorial policy.

General Coordination Support centre for the Secretariat General’s works. Coordinator: Jorge Alberto Rodríguez Castañeda

  1. Coordination and logistics for statutory meetings held by the different Bodies of the Conference.
  2. Elaborating Official Records and Documents.
  3. Developing Communication resources (including the Internet).

Financial and Administrative Coordination Preparing and submitting unto the consideration of the Secretary General policies and operation manuals regulating the functions concerning the following areas: Coordinator: Víctor González Córdova

  1. Internal Controllership and Budgets.
  2. Accounting and Finance.
  3. Personnel and Administrative Services.