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Inter-American Observatory of Social Protection

The Inter-American Observatory on Social Protection (OIPS) is a tool created by the CISS to provide elements that support the design of public policies and strategies for the medium and long term on social protection in the countries of the region CISS.

The lack of access to social protection has become a major obstacle to economic and social development in all countries, and has perpetuated the inequality of the population to break the human right to have health care, decent jobs, pensions and other benefits that guarantee the welfare of the people.

In the course of history the states have been concerned about social protection to its people and created this social protection eligibility criteria, coverage schemes and other forms of financing. Welfare, social security and social insurance, are designed as separate entities, but in practice it has been found that are interrelated, serving the population migrates from one to another for administrative economic criteria by choice.

CISS regards such schemes as part of a unique dynamic Social Protection System, which operates within a framework of comprehensive and sustainable public policies and considers vulnerable groups with a gender perspective.

The social protection system is determined by the macroeconomic, demographic and labor market environment, and health conditions of the population and education. It is from these determinants that have been defined to employment, pensions, health, education and housing as the five pillars of his work.



Human Development Index (2012)

IDH Graph

maximum 1.0
minimum 0.0
Source: Human Development Report 2013, UNDP

Relationship between active contribution to the pension scheme * and national income per capita (2011)


Graph of pension contributions
Per capita income by purchasing power parity, US Dollars
Source: Source: World Bank 2014 data bancomundial.org. ;
Report on social protection in the world 2014/2015, International Labour Organization, 2014.

Relationship between diabetes* and income per capita (2013)


Per capita income by purchasing power parity, US Dollars
Source: Source: World Bank 2014 data bancomundial.org. ;
Source: Source: Diabetes Atlas, 6th edition, 2013, International Diabetes Federation.


Source: The World Factbook, CIA
Source: World Report 2014/2015 Social Protection, International Labour Organization.

GRAPHIC premature deaths from noncommunicable diseases, age-standardized

Premature death is considered, the population dies before the age expectancy for the age group you belong to.

Source: The global burden of disease: generate evidence to guide policy, Institute for the measurement and evaluation of health, University of Washington, Human Development Network, World Bank, 2013.

Population below poverty line for spending on social protection (2011)


Premature deaths from NCDs (2012)

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 2.07.08 PM

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1 Andean sub-region
2 Andina Analytic
3 Andina Indicators
4 Central American sub-region
5 Central American Analytic
6 Central American Indicators
7 Cone sub-region
8 Cono Sur Analytic
9 Cono Sur indicadores
10 Haiti Analytic
11 Haiti Indicators
12 Haiti
13 Haiti
14 Mexico and Latin Caribbean Analyitc
15 Mexico and Latin Caribbean Indicators
16 Mexico and The Latin Caribbean sub-region
17 North America and Anglo Caribbean Anglo Analytic
18 North America and Anglo Caribbean Indicators
19 North America and English Speaking Caribbean sub-region

Methodology for the Interamerican Observatory

Index Downloadable PDF’s
1 Methodological notes OIPS