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Inter-american Award for Research in the Field of Social Protection


The twenty-first century’s global scenario poses challenges such as inequality, unemployment and poverty which our society has yet to address. Additionally, much of the progress made vis-à-vis these issues have produced their own set of new, concomitant challenges. Unemployment, especially among young people, and the informal labor market, for instance, has worsened in the wake of the global economic crisis of 2008.  The economy, for its part, has yet to return to previous levels of growth.

These combined factors are pushing social protection systems to their limits; social protection systems which are an essential tool for the resilience of societies, and which constitute a mechanism that actively promotes equality. These systems must achieve societal well-being via a preemptive approach that addresses the root causes of problems.

As a result, the IDB and CISS seek to drive the advancement of research on employment, pensions, healthcare, education, housing and other relevant issues within the field through the Inter-American Award for Research in the Field of Social Protection. The Award is designed to promote the advancement of public policy and foster research performed by researchers, academics, students and the general public on these issues. A response to many of these challenges is urgently needed in our era.

Award amounts and entry deadlines

The Award is designed to promote research and papers on the field of social protection within the Americas.

1st place:          US$7,000 and diploma.

2nd place:         US$3,000 and diploma.

3rd place:         US$2,000 and diploma.

The Call for Papers begins February’04, 2015.

Paper proposals must be sent, no later than 6 PM on June’30, 2015 to the following email address: CISS ([email protected]).  All entries must include the following text in the email subject line: Inter-American Award for Research in the Field of Social Protection.

The Review Committee will evaluate the papers during September 2015 and announce its final decision during October 2015.

Prizes will be awarded at a ceremony attended by officials from the CISS and IDB during November 2015, at the site of the Permanent Committee annual meeting and the Extraordinary General Assembly session.

Submission requirements. (Minimum entry requirements).


  1. All submissions must comprise theoretical or empirical research on social protection issues and must be limited to, in terms of geographical scope, the Americas. Said papers must contribute to development within, and progress of, the field of social protection.
  1. Papers must address social protection issues.
  1. This Call for Papers shall employ the following submission criteria:

Papers may be submitted, either on an individual or collective basis, by any authors who are nationals or residents of any CISS member-nation institution.

Eligible entries shall include papers that: (i) have not been previously submitted and awarded in other competitions; (ii) have been completed and already made available to the field via the sponsorship of an academic or research institution; and  (iii) have been submitted for publication or have been published after January 2014.

Papers published before December 31, 2013 shall be deemed ineligible. Under no circumstances shall the CISS and/or the IDB be held liable for any contractual obligations related to the publication of any submission, whereas said liabilities are solely the responsibility of the submitting author(s).

An author may participate in the submission of as many entries as they so desire.

Officials, paid consultants and interns currently on staff at the CISS and IDB may not submit entries.  Review Committee members are also excluded from participating in the Call.

  1. Entries must be written in Spanish, English or Portuguese and limited to between 8,000 and 12,000 words. Each paper must be submitted electronically in Word format and may contain graphics and other supporting materials. Each paper must include an abstract of 300-450 words.
  1. Authors must also submit a resume containing 250 words or less which must include, inter alia, the following:
  1. Full name
  2. Nationality and country of residence
  3. Institutional affiliation(s)
  4. Education and academic degrees earned
  5. List of major publications
  6. Occupation
  7. Principal contributions made to their field

Participants will receive an email confirming receipt of their work and a registration number. Said registration number is essential to ensuring an entry’s participation in the Call.

  1. The Review Committee shall consist of two officials from each entity, who shall perform an initial review of the submitted papers in order to verify whether entries comply with the Call’s minimum requirements.

Selected entries shall move on to a second and third stage of review.


Papers must address the issue of social protection in the following areas: pensions, healthcare, employment, family allowances and other social benefits.

The papers may also address issues tangentially related to social protection, such as funding sustainability, human rights, inclusion (elderly, people with disabilities, gender and vulnerable groups, inter alia), and the use of tools that stimulate the formulation of public policy that addresses these issues.

Evaluation process

The Evaluation Committee shall consist of the Review Committee in addition to between three and five academics and/or officials from entities and organizations in the field of social protection. A standardized evaluation form, listing relevant criteria, which be used. The Evaluation Committee will be composed of an odd number of members in order to expedite decision-making processes.

  1. Papers received within the established time limits will undergo three stages of evaluation in which officials from the IDB and CISS will participate.

During the first stage, entries will be assesses vis-à-vis their overall conformance to Call criteria. This stage will be conducted expressly by staff at the General Secretariat of the Conference, as well as IDB staff.

During the second stage, papers will be reviewed and evaluated by the members of the Evaluation Committee, which will be composed of officials from the CISS General Secretariat and the IDB, as well as other subject-matter experts. Said committee shall employ the following evaluation criteria:

  1. Identification of a problem
  2. Theoretical value of same
  3. Empirical value
  4. Hypothesis formulation
  5. Methodology employed to formulate hypothesis
  6. Identification strategy (in the case of empirical studies)
  7. Control of bias for effects unrelated to hypothesis
  8. Contrasting the hypothesis
  9. Use of information sources
  10. Bibliography
  11. Definition of relevant variables (if any)
  12. Appropriate use of statistical methods (if any)
  13. Validity and significance of results
  14. Interpretation and discussion of results
  15. Handling of tables and figures (if any)
  16. Clarity of writing style
  17. Relevance to public policy formulation
  18. Importance and contribution study makes to field of social protection
  19. Originality

Each of the above criteria will be graded on a scale from 1 to 10.  The award of prizes, as well as a paper’s placing (1st, 2nd, 3rd), will be made based on the number of points awarded. A draw may occur both with regard to awards and an entry’s placing.

In the third and final stage of evaluation, the Evaluation Committee will rule on and name the winners of the awards and commendations.

  1. The Evaluation Committee may declare any or all awards null and void if they conclude that no submission satisfactorily complies with the submission requirements of this Call. Said Committee may also award honorable mentions and declare ties as it deems fit. Said decisions, as well as decisions regarding the winners of awards and commendations, shall be final.

The authors of winning entries, as well as those worthy of other mention, will be notified via email.

The winning entries, as well as those that the Evaluation Committee shall consider outstanding, may be published by the CISS and the IDB in print, electronically or online, as it deems fit.

  1. If a winning paper has been nominated by an active member of the Conference, said Member shall receive two (2), full-ride (100%) scholarships, in addition to those stipulated in Articles 22 and 23 of the CISS Financial Regulations, and may be awarded during 2016.
  1. Any unforeseen situations arising during the course of the Call shall be ruled on by the Evaluation Committee as necessary.

For further information regarding this Call for Papers:

CISS Technical Secretariat: (52) 55-5377-4730

E-mail address: [email protected]