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Headquarters of the CISS

The headquarters building of the CISS, located in Colonia San Jerónimo Lídice in southern Mexico City, was opened on March 19, 19963.
The building is part of one of the most important housing developments of the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS), the Unidad Independencia. Its design is based on plastic integration where architecture, sculpture and painting coexist to provide meaning to a harmonious and functional space.
The CISS is housed in an architectural ensemble that, in addition to the beauty of the buildings and gardens, displays pictoral works of great renown, such as the 70-square-meter mural by plastic artist Juan O’Gorman titled “Hidalgo Liberator.”

Detail of the lobby of the CISS auditorium

Cultural Heritage of the CISS

The CISS also hosts art exhibitions