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The CISS Comptroller has the following responsibilities:

  1. Inspect and verify that the CISS financial and budgetary management comply with the control mechanisms established by its governing bodies, including those related to expenses, investments, fee and other income management as well as pecuniary penalties provided by the regulations and bylaws.
  2. Submit to the Permanent Committee and the General Assembly quarterly and annual reports, respectively, and with such other periodicity as requested by them or as he/she deems necessary. The reports shall be also submitted to the CISS members in the manner and under the terms provided in the Financial Regulations.
  3. Make any recommendations to the CISS bodies he/she deems necessary for the CISS due financial performance.
  4. Choose, by mutual agreement with the Secretariat General, the external audit firm.
  5. Obtain, on time and in the appropriate manner, the external audit report. Upon receiving the pertinent report with comments and recommendations, he/she shall notify the Secretary General, who shall submit it, together with his/her own opinion and that from the involved bodies, to the Permanent Committee and the General Assembly.
  6. Go to the Conference headquarters whenever it is necessary to perform his/her duties. Any expenses related to such visits shall be paid by the CISS, subject to the budget approved for this purpose by the General Assembly.
  7. Every three years, in coordination with the Secretariat General, carry out a prospective analysis of the CISS finances, reviewing budgets in order to plan the Conference revenues and expenses for the next three years, and ensure that this analysis is taken into account for preparation of a general medium-term financial plan.
  8. Any other responsibilities entrusted to him/her by the Permanent Committee and the General Assembly.