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Inter-American Center for Social Security Studies (CIESS): it is the body of teaching, training and research of the CISS, headed by a Director elected by the General Assembly every three years.

The creation of the CIESS came as a result of the need raised by the member institutions of the CISS for a permanent space for training in social security. Since its creation, its educational programs have been marked by their continuous adaptation to the needs arising from the evolution and development of social security at the national and regional level. Throughout its existence, the permanent updating in this training endeavor has enabled it to become a leading forum for analysis and discussion where all the ideas and doctrines may be heard.

Among the riches characterizing its academic activities is the fact that it addresses the most important features of social security in the continent from a cross-disciplinary approach, analyzing each topic from its starting point and considering the reform processes it has undergone. For this, it relies on a portfolio of specialists from international agencies, universities and research centers, public and private institutions in the region, and the various bodies of the CISS.

Reginald Thomas

Mr. Reginald Thomas, former Executive Director of the National Insurance Services of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, holds a graduate degree in Public Administration, an MBA in Finance, and an undergraduate degree in Commercial Engineering. His experience has focused on the National Insurance Services in topics related to investment and financing of interim systems. At the CISS, he served as representative of the North America and Anglo Caribbean Region, representative in the American Commission of Organization and Administrative Systems (CAOSA) and Vice-President of the Conference. He has served at the CISS for 21 years.

On October 1, 2016 he was appointed as head of the CIESS.