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American Commissions of Social Security

Currently, the CISS has the following Commissions:

  1. American Actuary and Finance Commission – CAAF
  2. American Commission for Older Adults – CADAM
  3. American Legal Social Commission – CAJS
  4. American Commission on Health, Safety and Social Well-Being – CASSBS
  5. American Commission on Organization and Administrative Systems – CAOSA
  6. American Working Risk Prevention Commission – CAPRT

As provided in article 7 of the Bylaw of CISS, the American Social Security Commissions (CASS) are part of the executive bodies that make up the Inter-American Conference on Social Security (CISS). The American Commissions of Social Security are technical support bodies aimed at helping the CISS to fulfill its purposes. They shall be made up by accredited experts from the CISS members. Each member may accredit one expert before the Board of Directors of the corresponding Commission. Each Commission shall elect its own Board of Directors, which shall be made up by a Chairman, four Vice-Chairmen and a Technical Secretary who shall perform their duties for a three year term and may be reelected. To the extent possible, all Sub-regions shall be represented in the Board of Directors. Should the Chairman be absent or disabled, he/she shall be replaced by a Vice-Chairman in the order of election. The CISS Secretariat General shall coordinate and supervise the CASS activities, provide them with support as required and help them to interact among them and with similar institutions. The CASS have the following functions:

  1. Implement the CISS term statements and recommendations.
  2. Advise, cooperate and participate in the activities and programs of the CISS bodies, within their fields of expertise.
  3. Organize and hold technical meetings.
  4. Carry out studies and research as well as promote, if necessary, coordination among them and with the CIESS and the Sub-regions.
  5. Develop and implement their own plans of action.
  6. Propose to the CIESS and the Sub-regions activities within their fields of expertise.
  7. Provide the CISS members with advice within their fields of expertise.
  8. Approve at their regular meetings the annual reports and plans of action to be submitted for the approval of the General Assembly.
  9. Collaborate with the Secretariat General in coordinating their own meetings and other international organizations’ meetings.
  10. Perform any other responsibilities established by their regulations, the General Assembly or the Permanent Committee.