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Reunión de alto nivel: Retos emergentes de la protección social


    Higher spending levels on social protection correlate to drops in percentage of population below poverty line  CISS member-nations with higher rates of public outlays on social protection also have lower rates of citizens living in poverty. On average, the 32 states which comprise the Conference spend 10% of their respective GDPs on social […]



The CISS is headquartered in an imposing architectural complex is situated in the southern zone of Mexico City. The site was inaugurated in March 1963 and its design is based on the precepts of the artistic integration movement, wherein the interplay between architecture, sculpture and painting infuses a given space with meaning.

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   Secretary General Juan Lozano invites you to the public unveiling of the mural Transformation by Mexican artist Pedro Trueba. The event will be held under the main dome of the Inter-American Conference on Social Security Auditorium.  

Working Paper Series

Working Paper Series

This initiative aims to establish a dynamic communication channel between the CISS members who participate in public policy design with academics and researchers on the social protection field.



  Introduction  The field of social protection in the twenty-first century poses enormous challenges. Unemployment, especially among young people, and the informal labor market, have both worsened in the wake of the global economic crisis of 2008. Education and worker training have yet to fully integrate the needs of the labor market.  Social inequalities are […]

Social policy lab: a systemic approach

Social policy lab: a systemic approach

  The Inter-American Conference on Social Security (CISS) is promoting the creation of a social policy laboratory in an effort to broaden the frontiers of social protection policies. Scientific research and academic studies will comprise the basis of public policy proposals designed vis-à-vis the principles of Preemptive Economics, a concept developed at the CISS devoted […]

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