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Reunión de alto nivel: Retos emergentes de la protección social

Taller Intersectorial sobre Protección Social y Empleo

OEA, Gobierno de México y la Conferencia Interamericana de Seguridad Social (CISS) inauguran taller intersectorial sobre protección social y empleo  Ciudad de México, miércoles 10 de diciembre de 2014. – Expertos y funcionarios públicos de más de 20 países de las Américas se reúnen en la Ciudad de México del 10 al 12 de diciembre […]



The CISS is headquartered in an imposing architectural complex is situated in the southern zone of Mexico City. The site was inaugurated in March 1963 and its design is based on the precepts of the artistic integration movement, wherein the interplay between architecture, sculpture and painting infuses a given space with meaning.

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The biggest story ever told

  With the participation of Dr. Robert Lustig international leading advocate in the field of health.  

Working Paper Series

Working Paper Series

This initiative aims to establish a dynamic communication channel between the CISS members who participate in public policy design with academics and researchers on the social protection field.

Inter-american Award for Research in the Field of Social Protection

Inter-american Award for Research in the Field of Social Protection

  C A L L    F O R    P A P E R S  Introduction  The twenty-first century’s global scenario poses challenges such as inequality, unemployment and poverty which our society has yet to address. Additionally, much of the progress made vis-à-vis these issues have produced their own set of new, concomitant challenges. Unemployment, especially […]

Intersectoral Workshop on Social Protection and Employment

Intersectoral Workshop on Social Protection and Employment

    OAS, Government of Mexico and Inter-American Conference on Social Security (CISS) launch intersectoral workshop on social protection and employment issues. Mexico City, Mexico, December 10, 2014. – Experts and government officials from more than 20 countries throughout the Americas are meeting in Mexico City during December 10-12 in order to exchange experiences and […]

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